Discover Hidden Insights in Your Art: Workbook


When you draw as a form of meditation or therapy, what you put on the page says a great deal about your inner self. Your unspoken emotions and thoughts rise to the surface and express themselves on the page as elements of your drawings. 

An art therapist can help you to uncover some of these deep emotions and feelings by asking you questions about your art and listening to your answers. perhaps, point out aspects on the page that you hadn’t been aware of. They may interpret your work or offer suggestions for how your art can lead to changes in your life. 

You can interpret your own art.  This 6 page workbook will give you a starting point for finding hidden meaning in your work, using techniques and points that art therapists use. 



6 page PDF includes self-reflection worksheet and detailed instructions for a 3-step reflection process on your own artwork
Author: Kristen McQuillin


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