Artober 2021: 31-day art challenge

Artober 2021: 31-day art challenge

Want to add more art to your autumn? I’ve got 31 creative prompts scheduled for each day in October on our Facebook page and on Instagram. Some prompts are simply text, others may have instructions, examples, or even a video.

How to do the challenge

The only rule to participate “correctly” is that you need to draw (or craft) to the prompt. The style is up to you. You can use any medium – pencils, crayons, paint, ballpoint pen, collage, embroidery, interpretive dance – anything is fine. I recommend embracing your mistakes, and no erasing!

You can take as long as you like with each prompt – some days you’ll find the creation easy and it will be quick. Some days you might not have patience or time to draw for a long time. Other days you might find yourself getting deeper into the experience. Do not judge your drawings and creations based on how long they took. In fact, don’t judge your art at all. Enjoy the process, not the product.

What will you be drawing? 

About half of the prompts are objects like plants an animals. As a drawing practice, I suggest you try realism and draw from a reference photo, but drawing from imagination is also completely acceptable. 

The other half of the prompts are abstract – feelings and experiences. No reference photos for those, so dig deep to find how to put those prompts on paper. For abstract art, I like to use swirls and shapes and blobs of color and pattern freely on the page to see what takes form then add details and layers of visual meaning.

Three of the prompts are Drawing Meditations exercises I use in workshops. I will explain those in detail.

Sharing (or not)

Sharing your creations is optional. You don’t have to show off; keep them to yourself and relish the daily time spent creating. Or you can post pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag Drawing Meditations. Maybe try a “sketchbook tour” video at the end of the month. I’m also happy to receive your drawings privately. Up to you.

I would love to know if you are participating, or if I am just throwing prompts into the void. So if you join in, even for one day, shout out to me somehow. It will make me feel validated and really happy that you are taking part.

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