This was my first time to join an art class of any kind as an adult! I was excited to learn about the colouring technique and was able to complete a picture I was very pleased with.  I really enjoyed the process of choosing my theme word for 2021 that Kristen guided us through. 
It was also fascinating to see what the other participants created and to make time for being creative was a great break from reality! Kristen sets a fun and relaxed vibe in her class and I’m looking forward to trying another one soon. Even if you are “not an artist” or a complete beginner, you can definitely enjoy yourself and learn to create something too. 
Jayne Nakata

Coach and Podcast Consultant, Transformations with Jayne


It was a really fun and relaxing process. I bought pencils and a white pen and have been enjoying them since.
The workshop was well paced, you could even go for 2 hours. I enjoyed the intros, the share back and the drawing itself. Kristen set it all up very clearly and positively and she never needs to apologise for her clouds. Or anything.
I’ve made a few more drawings since and thoroughly enjoyed them. I also enjoyed the write and the digging into journals for word of the year. 
Sarah Furuya

Founder & Coach,


Very relaxing meditation that definitely helps create the journey to color this page. Love it!

Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist,


“I love it!! I was on an airplane and feeling a bit claustrophobic and whipped it out- within a few moments I felt much better- I am going to keep it in my bag so that I can keep them close. I love the pictures, the colors, the case, the meditations- and YOU!!”

Jason Hancock

Actor & Model


The Colouring Meditation program is really beneficial even if you do not think it was something you would be able to do. By taking time to be creative in selecting the sections that you are colouring, while listening to very suitable music, your mind finds another ‘place’ to contemplate. All your worries or concerns diminish as you focus on the task.

When you are finished, you soon want to try that one again or another pattern. What is great about this kit is that you can print that same page and try a different colour scheme if you wish to do so. There are many varieties of patterns and music so at no time would you get bored.

Barbara Northcott


From M.D. in Japan:

Started on the colouring book last night. It is 100000% what I needed!

From L.L. in America:

Thank you, Kristen McQuillin. I enjoyed this very much. All colors and shapes living in the harmony of love.