Kind words from our fans and customers.

From B.N. in Australia:

The Colouring Meditation program is really beneficial even if you do
not think it was something you would be able to do. By taking time to
be creative in selecting the sections that you are colouring, while
listening to very suitable music, your mind finds another ‘place’ to
contemplate. All your worries or concerns diminish as you focus on the
When you are finished, you soon want to try that one again or another
pattern. What is great about this kit is that you can print that same
page and try a different colour scheme if you wish to do so. There are
many varieties of patterns and music so at no time would you get


From H.M. in Japan:

Very relaxing meditation that definitely helps create the journey to color this page. Love it!

From M.D. in Japan:

15202624_10206312882215515_3010186242020350892_nStarted on the colouring book last night. It is 100000% what I needed!

From L.L. in America:

Thank you, Kristen McQuillin. I enjoyed this very much. All colors and shapes living in the harmony of love.