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Yoga Collaboration

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, Drawing Meditations teams up with Satoyama Yoga for an online movement and meditation session. FREE via Zoom. Contact for details.

Class Catalog

60-90 minute sessions include art lessons, active meditation while drawing, reflective journaling, and sharing.

These workshops are taught online, from Japan, and require no art experience and minimal supplies.

Classes are offered on rotation; if you don’t see what you want on the schedule, please contact to request a group or private session. We are delighted to work with you to cusomise your workshop.

  • Color Harmony – develop your sense of color preference and theory.
  • Do-overs – nothing is set in stone. Draw and draw again, making changes with each iteration
  • Drink & Draw – casual session with creative exercises that pair well with wine, beer or tea.
  • Heart Map – Draw an emotional map for self-awareness and acceptance
  • Intuitive Art – let your subconscious loose on the page and discover hidden messages
  • Japanese folk monster – learn about the legend of Amabie and put on a “Zoom play” to tell the story
  • Kanji Meditation – trace kanji a a form of active meditation
  • Light & Shine – learn to create glows, highlights & shine on the page
  • Nature Drawing – improve your power of observation as you draw from nature.
  • New Moon Vision Boards – use a Feng Shui grid to organise your goals and dreams, then watch them come true. monthly
  • Perspective – technical drawing skills will bring personal perspective.
  • Self Portrait, the emotional self  – draw your inner self as you’ve never seen.
  • Self Portrait, the colorful self – use figurative techniques to bring your colorful self to the page.
  • Tangle Art – learn basic strokes and techniques to build complex, repeatable patterns.
  • Tangle Mandalas – use the Tangle art techniques to build beautiful circular artworks
  • Theme Word – set a word to guide your year
  • Timelines – make a visual review of your day, week, month or year