Feeling stressed and stuck? You’re not alone.
Try Drawing Meditations to shift into gear.

What sets people apart is what they do when they suffer anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Successful people take action to improve their mood, their situation and their mindset. Others let themselves wallow in pain and ruminate on bad thoughts.

When you are feeling overwhelmed,
When you can’t see what to do next,
When stress has you paralyzed... You need to change your focus.

Drawing Meditations refocusses you with a one-two punch: drawing and meditation.

Drawing - and any form of art - is a terrific way to enter a flow state where time disappears, your mind wanders, and your creative brain enjoys itself. You exist in the present moment and there are no troubles beyond the creative process.

Meditation, from mindfulness to breathwork to zazen,  is proved to change the function of your brain - enhancing well-being and reducing stress.

When you blend meditation with art, you open a pathway for you own mind to find answer, increase happiness, and relax.


Season 1: Twelve original meditations from the Drawing Meditation Kit.


It was a really fun and relaxing process. I bought pencils and a white pen and have been enjoying them since.
The workshop was well paced, you could even go for 2 hours. I enjoyed the intros, the share back and the drawing itself. Kristen set it all up very clearly and positively and she never needs to apologise for her clouds. Or anything.
I’ve made a few more drawings since and thoroughly enjoyed them. I also enjoyed the write and the digging into journals for word of the year. “
Sarah Furuya

Founder & Coach, SarahFuruya.com

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Coming (not too) Soon: More Workbooks!

Coming (not too) Soon: More Workbooks!

One of my 2024 goals is to publish Drawing Meditation exercises. We have three workbooks now, but I have scores of exercises and meditations to share. Workbooks are my favorite medium, so that is what I plan. But they are old-fashioned and don't sell well. Every time...

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Resisting Growth – a meditation

Resisting Growth – a meditation

On Sundays in my yoga class we focus on meditation. Every week we do a different form of meditation, because people find their way to inner stillness from many vectors. Today we practiced my own system, Drawing Meditations, where we use art to find insights, inner...

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Neurographic Art in Circles

Neurographic Art in Circles

Neurographic art is a way to settle your mind into a meditative state through repetition. It's easy, takes no practice or skill, and no matter what you do it looks pretty cool. It was developed by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian psychologist, in 2014. As with all our...

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Yoga Mandala Meditation

Yoga Mandala Meditation

Once a month, I put on two hats at once and lead a Satoyama Yoga class that incorporates Drawing Meditation. Today we worked with mandalas. Before we started to draw, each of us set an intention or asked a question by writing it on the back of our...

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