I like to keep myself creatively active by drawing things that aren’t my own prompts. This month is Inktober and a group of Indian arts on Instagram have created Mindful Inktober (#mindfulinktoberchallenge) with a different set of prompts than the main challenge. Tracey introduced it to me and of course I had to jump in to draw the daily topics!

I like this set of three days that interconnected: Intention, Action , and Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Action.

My initial plan was not to draw what I ended up drawing. I thought I’m make mandalas for all three. But my mandalas got some outriding numbers and letter, which I realised I could literally bridge with some ribbony tendrils for the third prompt. 1 matched to A, 2 to B and so on. Not surprisingly at all, I had depicted more intentions than I did actions. Is it like that for you, in real life, too?

With 20 days left, I’m looking forward to some more of these happy accidents and insights.