A short video from earlier this year.

Insight through art is our tagline, but what does mean?

Insight is awareness, it’s seeing inside yourself. Inward sight. In sight.

As almost any artist can tell you, once you begin the process of creating – whether you’re sketching, painting, sculpting, making music, or writing – your subconscious mind starts sending you messages that you act on to produce your work.

Writers speak of how their characters come to life and stories write themselves as they simply transcribe what they see their characters doing.

Sculptors tell us they feel the form inside the wood, stone or clay and thy simply set it free.

Painters and illustrators find themselves so absorbed in the process that they forget to eat. When in the “flow zone” insight moves their brushes, pens, and pencils.

Once we step back from our creations, we can reflect on them to find the subtle messages in our art. And that’s what we do in Drawing Meditations. We draw, and then we observe.