The cards are askew, but I explain our workshop clearly.

What happens in a Drawing Meditations class? Three parts:

We learn an art technique or skill. We take about 30 minutes to cover the basics of a skill from color theory to self-portraits, intuitive drawing to tangle art. We learn and we put pencil to paper and practice. This gets us ready for the second section.

Next, we spend some time using the art skill to focus our minds on mediation. Some classes have a guided meditation with different short pieces that come together to form a full artwork. Others are self-paced drawing for relaxation. In both cases, we start by setting a theme, an intention, or asking a question of ourselves.

Towards the end of the session, we regather to discuss the process, share our experience, and explain our drawings. In some cases, I offer my interpretation and insight into possible hidden meanings in the drawings.

For example, in a Color Harmony class, we cover color theory and learn how to pick harmonious palettes. In the guided meditation we use two palettes to draw a creative mandala, setting our mind to the task of shining a light on a difficult relationship or other problem. And finally, we show our work and talk about the way the shapes, patterns and most importantly, colors, illuminate a solution or new awareness of the problem.

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