Some days, I need to take my own medicine. These weeks and months of ongoing coronavirus uncertainty have me feeling unsettled – sick at heart, rattled, unsure of where to focus. So I decided to sit and trace kanji for a while.

And of course, the answer to my unspoken question appeared while I was slowly and carefully drawing strokes for kanji both familiar and unfamiliar.

I should never be surprised at how well this works; I like and trust the process enough to teach it, after all. But I am always surprised. Every time. The answers I uncover aren’t how I would consciously advise myself.

And that’s the point. Our subconscious knows a lot of things that our thinking mind suppresses. We will hear the message if we can open up a pathway for it. And that’s what Drawing Meditations does.

My goal for the rest of 2020 is to help other stressed-out people learn some of the art and meditation techniques that I use. If you want to trace kanji with me on August 6th, have a look at the class details here: