Tangle Pattern online class

A favorite for all ages! 90 minute online class covers tangle pattern techniques and follows up with a guided meditation using patterns to unlock insights.

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This is a 90 minute Drawing Meditations session via Zoom. Tangle patterns can be done with the most basic supplies so it’s ideal for a meditation break at the office, while on the phone or a Zoom call, or when waiting for your deliveries.

In the first part of this class, you’ll learn how to put together 5 basic strokes to make your own unique patterns for filling spaces. In the second part of class, we’ll do a guided meditation using the tangle pattern techniques. We’ll finish the class with time for journalling and discussion about our insights.

Materials needed:
Pen or pencil
Blank paper
Printout (optional)
Colored pencils (optional)
Internet connection
Zoom Client for Meetings

Upon payment, you’ll receive a download link that includes the printout for class and also the Zoom link details.

Each ticket includes up to two participants on one Zoom link. For larger groups, please contact for pricing.

Wondering what class time is best for you?

9:30 amĀ 
Melbourne: 11:30 am
New Delhi: 6:00 am
London: 00:30 am
New York: 7:30 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 4:30 pm (previous day)

10:00 am
Melbourne: noon
New Delhi: 6:30 am
London: 1:00 am
New York: 8:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 5:00 pm (previous day)

11:00 am
Melbourne: 1:00 pm
New Delhi: 7:30 am
London: 2:00 am
New York: 9:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 6:00 pm (previous day)

2:30 pm
Melbourne: 4:30 pm
New Delhi: 11:00 am
London: 5:30 am
New York: 0:30 am
San Francisco: 9:30 pm (previous day)

6 pm
Melbourne: 7:00 pm
New Delhi: 2:30 pm
London: 10:00 am
New York: 5:00 am
San Francisco: 2:00 am

[Please note daylight time can shift times by an hour.]

Additional information

Date & time

Sun, Nov 15 @ 10 am JST, Sun, Nov 15 @ 2:30 JST


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