Solstice Mandala Art (December 21, noon)


Celebrate the shortest day of the year with a lunchtime art break! Using a simple technique and a pre-printed grid, create a beautiful mandala to celebrate the change of season.



Mandalas are a wonderful meditation tool – whether you are drawing them or gazing at them. Create a personal mandala for the winter season.

We’ll share a tutorial on using 5 basic strokes to define the concentric layers of your mandala, then spend most of our 60 minute session drawing with quiet music guiding our art, before coming to gather at the end to show our work.

What you’ll need:
Printable mandala grid (JPG provided)
Colors pencils, pens, etc (optional)

Each ticket includes up to two participants on one Zoom link. For larger groups, please contact for pricing.

Melbourne: 2 pm
New Delhi: 10:30 am
London: 3:00 am
New York: 10:00 pm(previous day)
San Francisco: 7:00 pm (previous day)

[Please note daylight time can shift times by an hour.]


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Solstice Mandalas

Monday Dec 21, 2020 12:00 PM