Light & Shadow (December 3, 6 pm)


Learn how to create light on the page and in your life in this 90 minute art and meditation workshop.



This is a two part, 90 minute Drawing Meditations session via Zoom. How do you bring light to a blank page? Let’s learn how.

In the first half of this class, you’ll learn how to create shadows, shine, and glows. In the second half of class, we’ll use these art skills to do a guided meditation about finding light in dark places. We’ll finish the class with a short discussion about the experience.

Materials needed:
White paper or sketchbook
Pencil (#2, HB, B, etc)
Colored pencils or crayons
Internet connection
Zoom Client for Meetings

Each ticket includes up to two participants on one Zoom link. For larger groups, please contact for pricing.

Wondering what class time is best for you?

9:30 am 
Melbourne: 11:30 am
New Delhi: 6:00 am
London: 00:30 am
New York: 7:30 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 4:30 pm (previous day)

10:00 am
Melbourne: noon
New Delhi: 6:30 am
London: 1:00 am
New York: 8:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 5:00 pm (previous day)

11:00 am
Melbourne: 1:00 pm
New Delhi: 7:30 am
London: 2:00 am
New York: 9:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 6:00 pm (previous day)

2:30 pm
Melbourne: 4:30 pm
New Delhi: 11:00 am
London: 5:30 am
New York: 0:30 am
San Francisco: 9:30 pm (previous day)

6 pm
Melbourne: 7:00 pm
New Delhi: 2:30 pm
London: 10:00 am
New York: 5:00 am
San Francisco: 2:00 am

[Please note daylight time can shift times by an hour.]

Additional information

Date & time

Thu, Dec 3 @ 9:30 JST, Thu, Dec 3@ 2:30 JST


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Light & Shadow Meditation

Thursday Dec 3, 2020 06:00 PM