Amabie: Japanese Yokai playshop


According to legend, Amabie appeared from the ocean in Kumamoto, Japan and promised to cure people of the plague. We’ll draw this Japanese folk monster then put on a play about the legend.

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Stepping a bit away from meditation and a little closer to theater, here is a fun session that combines art and performance via Zoom. This class is suitable for ages 9 and up (and grownups love it, too)

In the first half of this class, you’ll learn about Amabie, a legendary Japanese yokai that promised to heal anyone suffering from plague. In the second half of class, we’ll put on a short play with sound effects and visual effects.

Materials needed:
Blank paper
Colored pencils, crayons, etc
Amabie script
Internet connection
Zoom Client for Meetings

Upon payment, you’ll receiveĀ the Zoom link details and the Amabie script download

Each ticket includes up to two participants on one Zoom link. For larger groups, please contact for pricing.

Wondering what class time is best for you?

9:30 amĀ 
Melbourne: 11:30 am
New Delhi: 6:00 am
London: 00:30 am
New York: 7:30 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 4:30 pm (previous day)

10:00 am
Melbourne: noon
New Delhi: 6:30 am
London: 1:00 am
New York: 8:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 5:00 pm (previous day)

11:00 am
Melbourne: 1:00 pm
New Delhi: 7:30 am
London: 2:00 am
New York: 9:00 pm (previous day)
San Francisco: 6:00 pm (previous day)

2:30 pm
Melbourne: 4:30 pm
New Delhi: 11:00 am
London: 5:30 am
New York: 0:30 am
San Francisco: 9:30 pm (previous day)

6 pm
Melbourne: 7:00 pm
New Delhi: 2:30 pm
London: 10:00 am
New York: 5:00 am
San Francisco: 2:00 am

[Please note daylight time can shift times by an hour.]

Additional information

Date & time

Sun, Oct 11 @ 2:30 JST, Sun, Nov 29 @ 2:30 JST


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