Make Your Own 2021 Planner (December 1, 8:30 am)


Are you dissatisfied with the daily planners and diaries that you find in your local office supply and stationery stores? There are many ugly designs with page layouts that just don’t fit your needs.

Learn to make your own custom version and have 2021 organised the way you like.



For 2018, my sister and I designed our own schedule books. We hand-sketched the pages, added all the sections & features we needed and skipped the parts that didn’t appeal or apply to our creative freelancing work life.
We crafted covers with collaged cutouts then bound all the pages together with a Coptic stitched binding so the planners lay flat and look great.
From that year forward, I’ve never looked at store-bought journals. Even in 2020, my planner has been helpful. At least I know what day it is most of the time. 😉

From page planning to bookbinding, you’ll get all the instructions and knowledge to make your own custom diary, planner or bullet journal for 2021.

During the workshops, we will create some custom pages together and design collage-decorated covers.

Then I will demonstrate how to put together and Coptic bind a full book; you have the option to follow along or take notes and create your own masterpiece later.

What’s Provided
Printable sections for basics like month overviews and year calendars.
Ideas for inclusions on your pages
Tips on pagination and paste-up
Bookbinding instructions & video resources

What to Bring
For the inside pages:
White paper or grid paper
Black pens (best for copying later)
Printouts (optional)
For the covers:
Thin cardboard for covers (file folders work well)
Decorative papers, magazines and other items for collage
For the bookbinding:
Awl or thin drill bit
Binder clips
Large needle
Embroidery floss or waxed thread


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DIY 2021 Diary/Planner

Tuesday Dec 1, 2020 08:30 AM